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Integrating foraging behavior into your daily feeding protocol will create a stimulating environment, which encourages the natural behaviors universally recommended by avian veterinarians


Food and Treat Dispenser:
this multi-compartmental food dispenser can make eating a long-lasting event.


Hexagonal treat system:
this multi-compartmental treat holder is a challenge for your parrot!

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All of the Virtually Parrot Proof Foraging Devices are made of strong polycarbonate with stainless steel.  They are safe, strong and best of all easy to use. 
Read what Liz Wilson, CVT, Parrot Behavior Consultant says about them.

There is a device and configuration for every parrot!

Foraging Wheel
Foraging Wheel

Cylinder Foraging Device
Cylinder Foraging Device

Sphere Foraging Device
Sphere Foraging Device

Sliding Door Foraging Device
Mult-Drawer Foraging Device -
3 sizes available

Foraging Carousel
Foraging Carousel

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Try putting multiple foraging devices in your parrot's cage to make it more of a challange!