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Merlin, the store bird from Bird Stuff, Orange CA

— It was a pleasure speaking with you today.  I’ve attached a picture of my grey enjoying the foraging unit. I have a great group of store birds here that are my toy testers-a Swainson’s Toucan, half-moon conure, Alexandrine, Golden conure pair as well as many boarders such as Hyacinths and anything else you can imagine. Whenever these guys are playing with a toy they always sell the toys for me!





Timba with Treat Stack

Just wanted you folks to know how much my Timneh LOVES your foraging toy!
He tears them up DAILY! They really are an ingenious and affordable toy that provides hours of shredding!

I wrote you earlier in the year about how much my Timneh loves that foraging system with the cardboard boxes. Well, he’s still loving it!   After months, he still spends hours every day tearing it apart and protecting it from me – trying to refill it. It’s something that is always a surefire hit after all these months.

He loves the hanging treat box with the doors and drawers as well. Keeps him engaged and busy and entertained.

Your whole foraging line is such a great idea. Everyone should try at least one of the toys in your line; it’s guaranteed they’ll be back for more.

Joanne Joe, Foraging Fan

West Covina, CA 91791

Food and Treat Dispenser:
this multi-compartmental food dispenser can make eating a long-lasting event.


Hexagonal treat system:
this multi-compartmental treat holder is a challenge for your parrot!

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All of the Virtually Parrot Proof Foraging Devices are made of strong polycarbonate with stainless steel.  They are safe, strong and best of all easy to use. 
Read what Liz Wilson, CVT, Parrot Behavior Consultant says about them

There is a device and configuration for every parrot!

Foraging Wheel
Foraging Wheel

Cylinder Foraging Device
Cylinder Foraging Device

Sphere Foraging Device
Sphere Foraging Device

Sliding Door Foraging Device
Mult-Drawer Foraging Device -
3 sizes available

Foraging Carousel
Foraging Carousel

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